Winter time


Winter here!
If be sure i hates cold and winter but this outfit chance everything! I like this one very much!
For the first i wanna talk about colors 😱

Shaded Spruce can be called a peculiar ode of life, so it is filled with purity, optimism and inner energy. It has the ocean depth, the glare of evergreen trees, and the shadow of the forest ...

The most harmonious combinations for this tone with the overflows of emerald and turquoise are combinations with Neutral Gray and Tawny Port.

I loves color GREENY because i think that this color looks great with my hair!!
You can see cool green bad and boots for the my pic <3

Another one its RED 
Bright, dynamic and energetic pomegranate-red Grenadine fits self-confident people who like to attract attention. In the winter of 2018, we will find it everywhere: in every fashion store, design items and, of course, in cosmetics. As a new color of red lipstick Grenadine is simply gorgeous!


See you very soon,
Love, ANN

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