If be I told you try you're be very surprised because i don't like black color. I try to not wearing black clothes. But it`s practical. But black it`s always a good idea for something simple.
Style is a combination of clothes, jewelry, accessories to create a certain image, the appropriate situation (festive event), the environment (working environment) and social status. In a broader sense, the ideological and artistic community of fine techniques in the art of a certain period. Traditionally, in the history of the costume (as well as in the history of art), the following styles are distinguished: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Rococo, Neoclassicism, Empire, Romanticism.

Fashion - the phenomenon of the rapid spread and short-term domination of certain styles of clothing (and its materials) to create an image of "a person walking in the course of time." The fashion trends are set by the media, they are based on clothing manufacturers when creating collections, consumers.
The high fashion is the assignment of certain trends in clothing (materials, style) and accessories for the upcoming season by the leading Fashion houses. Products of fashion houses are produced in small batches and are intended for privileged layers of society; Appears on Fashion Weeks.
Season - determines the succession of collections from clothing manufacturers. 
Most often, their two- autumn-winter and spring-summer.
The quality of clothes is a combination of consumer and industrial properties of products, which determines the degree and suitability of its intended use.


See you soon^^
love, Ann

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