HI SPRING. glad too see you. Spring outfit


Hi friends!
Today I wan`t to talk about spring. Yes, I know that winter is not over yet, but I'd like to show you my new stuff. In this, here are my favorites in the spring of 2017. So how do you know that I love the short skirts and dresses will not change their things and now.
Boots from gamiss.com - this is my dream that finally comes true. I have long wanted to this black high boots sole. I want to say that I was a little afraid to order shoes from a Chinese website, but as this was not my first order (which I was pleased with), I decided to take a risk, and not in vain, I enjoyed it. good quality shoes and very comfortable despite the very high soles.
These bots will be for me a universal thing, because it will fit to almost all the clothes which will trend in this spring. By the way, what will be fashionable this spring?
This giant decorations, pants-bananas, metallic luster, huge shoulders.
In short, almost everything I do not like, and you know that 80 was called - a decade of "bad taste" of the last century? One thing that I know, you need to actively engage in the gym, because prepare to bare their beautiful legs and shoulders.
And just to be in fashion pink, red pink and purple, striped things, peas, emphasis on the chest (especially the guys will be happy about this), and my favorite lace. In this trendy a little things you need to stock up right now. Have a warm and fashionable spring.
Всем привет!
Весна нас радует так и жарким солнцем так и проливными дождями. Поэтому каждая модница должна быть готова к изменчивому настроению весны. Когда на улице слякоть, я предпочитаю темные тона. В надежде, что скоро будет сонце, и я спрячу свою любимою кожанку далеко в шкаф. Да, это не самый теплый вариант, но для пасмурной весны самый раз, а главное, что выглядит очень модно.


Thanks for photo Daria Modyagina

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